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№ 6/1, 2020

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Марина Володимирівна HOMON

Substantiation the components of the state regulation potential realization assessment of enterprises innovative activity

Anastasiia Viktorivna FATIEIEVA

Information systems in the enterprise's management

Kseniia Valeriivna KOVTUNENKO, Oleksandr Hennadiiovych BUT-HUSAIM

Blockhain technologies using in international trade contractual relations

Anna Andriivna KUDAR, Kseniia Valeriivna KOVTUNENKO

Adaptation of the production enterprise personnel in the foreign economic activity conditions

Vlada Petrivna MYKYTIUK, Kseniia Valeriivna KOVTUNENKO, Oksana Anatoliivna KOVALYK

Minimization of cross-cultural and interpersonal conflicts between tourists and the representatives of the tourism operator

Vira Oleksiivna SHPYLOVA

World experience of innovative cluster model of regional development: priorities of adaptation in Ukraine