To the attention of the authors!

Acceptance of materials for the current month is carried out until 20th of the current month inclusive.

For the possibility and timing of urgent publication of materials, please specify in the edition. We also accept materials for later issues.

Note to the authors who publish papers in the journal "Economics. Finances. Law"!

To publish paper in a journal, the author must perform the following actions:

  1. Submit the following materials to the Editorial Board:
    • the paper done according to requirements;
    • photo of the author (desirable);
    • a table with filled data;
    • review of the paper.

At the request of the author, the editor may assist in reviewing the paper.

All materials are sent to the editorial office

Materials for authors!

A great request to the authors to specify precisely the coordinates (address, index, e-mail) of the recipient (for postal delivery)!!!

The submitted papers are considered within three working days after materials receiving.

After paper’s approval the author must pay the paper and send a scanned receipt via e-mail to the editorial office of the journal "Economics, Finances, Law" with the "paper’s payment confirmation" tag.

Payment by the author of the materials is carried out within three working days after the paper’s approval message of the editorial office. It is possible to postpone payment by agreement with the editorial office.

The declaration in the author’s data the month of the publication determines the rate at which the account for the paper is formed.

In case of non-compliance with the above requirements, the editorial staff has the right to refuse the submitted materials.

The editorial office reserves the right to minor edits and abbreviations, as well as a literary correction of the paper (preserving the main conclusions and author’s style).

A guarantee that the paper will be included to the journal's number is a timely announcement the editorial board for paper’s payment confirmation by sending a scanned receipt of the payment to e-mail of the editorial office.

The papers are included in the numbers of the journal "Economics, Finances, Law" by the order of their receipt.

At the request of the author, the editor may assist in reviewing the paper.

The cost of publishing the paper includes:

  • 5 USD / page (in case if submission of the paper - by the 20th of publication month);
  • additional + 20 % of cost of the paper - for editing;
  • postal delivery - according to the tariffs for international shipment;
  • electronic version is included in the total cost.
  • additional journal printed copy - 3 USD.