Regulation on the review of articles submitted for publication in the research and information scientometric journal “Economics. Finances. Law”

This Regulation governs the procedure for reviewing articles submitted for consideration to the research and information scientometric journal “Economics. Finances. Law". All articles submitted to the editorial board undergo the review procedure. The primary purpose of review is the rigorous objective evaluation of the manuscripts that are submitted for publication. Articles should meet the established requirements of the journal, be of value from a scientific standpoint, and contribute to solving topical problems and tasks. The review process should also improve the quality of scientific articles by thoroughly analysing the advantages and disadvantages of the paper. The journal uses a double-blind review procedure, which assumes the anonymity of process participants (authors, reviewers). Participation in the review procedure involves independent experts with profound knowledge in a specific field of expertise.

Article review is based on confidentiality principles. Therefore, the author should prepare a separate cover page, which shall include the following elements: title of the article; information about the authors (name, structural unit and universities/organizations; mailing address of the author for correspondence); sources of funding/acknowledgements (if any); conflict of interest information. The article should remove these items to maintain the anonymity procedure, as well as adhere to the following key points:

  • references to the works of the author, which are found in the text, should be laid out as follows: [Anonymous, 2019];
  • make sure the figures and tables do not contain information related to the author;
  • any information that can identify the author should be indicated on the cover page accompanying the manuscript;
  • make sure that the file name does not contain any information that can identify the author; file properties must also be anonymous.
The procedure for reviewing articles

Articles are accepted in research and information scientometric journal "Economy. Finances. Law" continuously throughout the year. All articles in the journal undergo double-blind review.

Features of the publishing process are as follows:

  • the collection of material is continuous, but the distribution of articles in the journal issues takes place after they passed the review procedure; completion of necessary revisions by the authors according to the reviewer's comments (if any);
  • determination of articles approved for publication after repeated review;
  • the decision to submit the article for the reviewing process is taken by the editor-in-chief of the journal;
  • the review procedure takes up to 4 weeks, unless otherwise agreed with the editorial board;
  • articles in Ukrainian and English are accepted for review;
  • articles that are designed according to the requirements of the journal and have undergone primary control in the editorial and publishing department are approved for review. In case of comments at this stage, the article is returned to the author for revision;
  • the journal editors identify the reviewers who are most competent in this category of sciences;
  • after completion of the review process, the author receives a message with the review results (the article can be accepted immediately/suggestions for revision may be submitted according to the comments of the reviewers/the reviewer may reject the publication of the material);
  • the author must revise the article according to the reviewers' comments and provide them with a reasoned answer within one calendar month, if, however, the author refuses to revise the article, it is automatically removed from the publication;
  • the reviewer may consult with another expert if there are any conflicting points during the evaluation of the work, having previously obtained the consent of the editorial board;
  • the final decision on the possibility and expediency of publication is made at a meeting of the editorial board, with consideration of the comments of the reviewer;
  • responsibility for the accuracy of the data, the scientific and practical value of the work and copyright infringement rests with the author and the reviewers.