Author's Guidelines

The editorial board of the journal "Economics. Finances. Law" accepts papers the relevance of which is not in doubt, which have scientific novelty, and are of interest to a wide scope of readers. All papers submitted to the journal should be designed in accordance with the established requirements.

Author's data file

It is provided in a Microsoft Word file, where it is necessary, in particular, to specify:

necessarily - ORCID number (registration on the site: - personally for each author

The paper should include the following items:
  1. Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) index: according to DSTU (the State Standard of Ukraine) 6096:2009;
  2. The paper’s title: (14 type size, bold, centre alignment, interval before and after paragraph 6 pt):
    • if paper’s language is Ukrainian – the title should be written in Ukrainian and English;
    • if paper’s language is Russian – the title should be written in Russian and English.
  3. Information about the authors (14 type size, centre alignment, 6 pt space before and after paragraph) must be specified separately on the title page – to maintain the double-blind review procedure.
  4. Abstract, keywords:
    • if the paper’s language is Ukrainian:

      the abstract’s volume text by the paper’s language – at least 500 characters, the abstract’s volume text by English – at least 1800 characters with saving the structure of the paper: introduction, purpose, results, conclusions;

    • if the paper’s language is English:

      the abstract’s volume text by English and Ukrainian – at least 1800 characters with saving the structure of the paper: introduction, purpose, results, conclusions.

  5. Attention: at least three key words !!!
  6. The paper’s main text (14 type size, full justification alignment, 1,5 spacing) should contain interrelated sections:
    • Introduction: the problem’s statement in general, its connection with the latest researches and publications, as well as important scientific and practical tasks; an analysis of recent researches and publications, in which the solution to this problem was initiated and to which the author relies, the allocation of previously unsettled parts of the general problem to which this paper is devoted.
    • Materials and Methods section should describe the sequence of the study and justify the choice of methods used.
    • Setting objectives: the formulation the purpose of work and research methods of the subject.
    • Results: the main research material with the justification of the obtained scientific results.
    • Conclusions: conclusions from this research and prospects for further developments in this direction.
    • References are made according to standard DSTU 8302:2015

      Attention!!! It is necessary to provide at least three references in the paper !!!

The paper should be formed in a Microsoft Word text file. Tables, graphs and illustrations are provided in the text as well as in a separate Microsoft Word file or Microsoft Excel file with the input of the source for the construction of the corresponding graphic element; flowcharts, the algorithms can also be presented in Microsoft Visio format.

Text file format: Microsoft Word (type * .doc or * .rtf).

The format of tables, graphs and illustrations of Microsoft Excel (such as * .xls) or Microsoft Visio (type * .vsd).

The paper should consist of 8 pages of printed text (font Times New Roman, 14 type size, 1.5 spacing);

The paper should be structured: sections with names (capital letters, centered), or simply highlighted (capital letters), the main points are clearly identified: the mandatory points are "Introduction", "Purpose", "Research Methods", "Results" , "Conclusions", "References".

According to DSTU (the State Standard of Ukraine) 3008-95, figures, diagrams, diagrams are indicated by the word "figure" (in the text "Fig.") with the corresponding numbering.

If the paper uses statistics or other data that is not copyright, then there must be a link to the relevant source.

The papers for review in the research and information scientometric journal "Economics. Finances. Law" must be submitted in electronic form at

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