Information systems in the enterprise's management

Issue: № 6/1, 2020


The article examines the features of the use of modern information systems and technologies in the activities of enterprises in order to increase the efficiency of management decisions. Based on a study of modern corporate practices in the global financial market, it is proved that corporate information systems for the management of medium and large enterprises is a necessary tool to minimize costs and increase profitability. The purpose of the article is to research the features of modern information systems and technologies using in activity of the enterprises for the purpose of increase of efficiency of administrative decisions. Information system as a set of organizational and technical means for storing and processing information in order to meet the information needs of users, which provides the collection, retrieval, processing and transmission of information. To solve the existing problems of corporate information systems development, an algorithm of actions to increase the level of informatization and efficiency of corporations, which will address current issues of corporate information systems, taking into account domestic legislation and features of corporate governance, increase efficiency and transparency of business processes and provide centralized support for management decisions. at all levels and in all areas of business companies. It is emphasized that one of the main properties of information systems is divisibility into subsystems, which has scales in terms of its development and operation. The stages of creation and functioning (life cycle) of information are specified. It is proved that the use of information systems is a prerequisite for a modern enterprise, that will promote the adoption of sound strategic management decisions aimed at increasing competition (capacity and strengthening the economic security of the enterprise. An effective area for improvement management of the enterprise is implemented modern information systems and technologic, which makes it possible to increase the speed,quality and reliability of collection, storage and information processing; significantly reduce management line staff of the enterprise, which there is preparation of information for the form management decisions; print in the right time management and administration line staff of the enterprise of high-quality other formation; timely and efficient analysis and forecasting of economic activity under receptions; make decisions quickly and efficiently at all levels of enterprise management.

Keywords : business process, information systems, corporate information systems, information technologies, information


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