"Economics. Finances. Law"

№ 10/1, 2020

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Ihor Olehovych TARLOPOV

Organizing international economic statistics in the context of globalization

Nataliia Mykolaivna MARTYNIUK

Administrative procedure for provision of public services on state registration of property rights on real estate: stages and contents

Andrii Mykolaiovych MYKHAILOV, Dmytro Yuriyovich PIZNIAK

Mechanism of implementation of investment and innovation technologies in the agricultural sphere of Ukraine

Hanna Anatoliivna SMOKVINA, Tkhi Tkhan Tkhui CHAN

Statistical analysis of the situation and development of the labor market of Ukraine in the context of professional qualification trends

Olha Vitaliivna YARMAK

The impact of crisis situations on business safety

Anna Volodymyrivna IVASHCHENKO, Vladyslav Olehovych BABIIETS , Anastasiia Yuriivna BLORINA

Improvement of the financial resources management system of tourist enterprises and methodological approaches to the analysis of the efficiency of their productivity