"Economics. Finances. Law"

№ 3/1, 2021

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Oleksandr Petrovych RADCHENKO

State regulation of the healthcare management system as a strategic imperative in the context of external challenges

Tetiana Dmytrivna NECHYPORENKO, Olena Stepanivna MUSIATOVSKA

Financial architectonics in context digital globalization

Olesia Volodymyrivna BORDUN

Theoretical prerequisites for determining the content of the concept of "security of the judiciary"

Tetiana Nykodymivna SHKODA

Key priorities of strategic management of airports in Ukraine

Svitlana Petrivna TOVSTA

Civil society in European and domestic political and legal consciousness: historical and theoretical aspect

Ruslana Viktorivna YATSKOVA, Natalia Zinoviivna BLASHCHUK-DEVIATKINA

Analysis of the activity of money transfer systems in Ukraine