Substantiation the components of the state regulation potential realization assessment of enterprises innovative activity

Issue: № 6/1, 2020


Introduction. Since it is necessary to increase the efficiency of innovation of enterprises, increase tax revenues to the state budget and reduce the level of losses of the state budget and innovation expenditures of enterprises, there is a need to assess the potential of state regulation for innovation as one of the priority areas of economic development. The purpose of the paper is to carry out the analysis and substantiation of components of an estimation of realization of potential of the state regulation of innovative activity representing indicators of expediency, efficiency and the introduced tools efficiency of the state regulation in innovative activity. Results. To analyze the feasibility, a forecast of the amount of lost budget revenues in the form of provided tax benefits was performed using trend analysis. On a positive note, the projected loss of budget revenues due to the operation of tax benefits, although high, is likely to decline. Given the target orientation of innovation benefits, the main criteria for their effectiveness are materiality for taxpayers (importance as a source of funding for innovation costs) and increase innovation activity. The change in tax benefits may well lead to an increase in tax revenues, tax benefits can have a positive impact on the formation of tax revenues, which is a confirmation of the effectiveness of tax benefits for the state. In order to qualitatively assess the effectiveness of tax benefits, it is necessary to put into practice the concept of tax costs, as well as to optimize the process of collecting and publishing information on the use of tax benefits. Conclusion. Thus, the components of the assessment of the realization of the potential of state regulation of innovation activities of enterprises in terms of providing tax benefits to the regulatory instrument, which reflects the principle of stimulating innovation, were analysed and substantiated. The evaluation of these components makes it possible to substantiate practical recommendations for increasing the level of potential of state regulation by reforming the methods and tools of state support for innovation of enterprises. It is determined that the provision of tax benefits in innovation has positive trends in the components of expediency and effectiveness, but the component of the effectiveness of tax benefits requires further research.

Keywords : potential, state regulation, innovation, expediency, effectiveness, efficiency


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