Adaptation of the production enterprise personnel in the foreign economic activity conditions

Issue: № 6/1, 2020


Introduction. The basis for foreign economic activity of the enterprise - is the possibility of obtaining economic benefits, based on the benefits of the international division of labor and business relations. Nowadays, the production and sale of a particular product or service has more advantages when it is done for sale in another country than in the middle of the country. The purpose of this paper is to study the aspects of personnel management of a production enterprise in terms of adaptation of foreign economic activity, namely the training of employees of the enterprise. Result. In modern market conditions, the most important tool to ensure the stability of the enterprise and increase its competitiveness not only in the domestic market but also in the foreign market - is the professional development of staff in accordance with current and future requirements of the external and internal environment. It is very important for a company that is just beginning to enter international markets to have highly qualified employees. Personnel management is a complex and integral component of business management. Difficult because people are different in nature from other resources and require special approaches and management methods. The main thing in personnel management is that a person (employee) is a source of income. Conclusion. In the conditions of globalization, there is a need of the enterprise to enter the international markets and to work in the conditions of foreign economic activity. This allows the company to make more profit, gain access to the latest technologies, purchase cheaper and unique resources for production in foreign markets, and so on. The personnel management system at the production enterprise must be flexible, able to change the content, methods and organizational forms in accordance with the needs of the enterprise and the situation in terms of foreign economic activity.

Keywords : personnel, personnel management, personnel management in terms of external economic activity, enterprise, manufacturing enterprise, foreign trade activities, labor market, staff development


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