Personnel evaluation: essence, types and algorithm of the evaluation procedure

Issue: № 6, 2022


This paper is based on the works of domestic and foreign scientists and materials from periodicals. The purpose of the paper is to study the essence of the concept of "personnel evaluation", systematization of its types and step-by-step study of the algorithm of the evaluation procedure. Staff is an integral part of every business. In modern conditions, the procedure of personnel evaluation and development is becoming increasingly important. Every day the evaluation criteria change and develop further, which makes it necessary to constantly be one step ahead and follow the trends in this area. In these conditions, research and analysis of new types and systems of personnel evaluation are becoming increasingly important, giving importance to what is more effective. Employee evaluation is the evaluation and verification of an employee's work. Most companies conduct staff appraisals regularly, usually at least once a year. The assessment usually includes an overview of the employee's different job responsibilities and habits compared to expectations. Evaluation results are often critical in raising career ladders, bonuses, wages, etc. In addition, regular evaluations help employees better understand what is expected of them, improve communication between management and employees, giving employees proper recognition of their work. There are many published scientific papers devoted to the study of personnel evaluation of the enterprise, as well as consideration of its types. Such domestic and foreign specialists as A. Tsisar, T. Galaida, O. Kuzmin, K. Kovtunenko, L. Balabanova, O. Sardak, V. Martinenko, Yu. Deval, Yu. Konotoptseva, Pat Costin, Norin Herati, et al. have made a significant contribution to the study of this topic.

Keywords : personnel, evaluation, types, system, efficiency


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