Aspects of economic security of electronic commerce

Issue: № 4, 2021


The paper is devoted to the study of the problem of economic security of e-commerce in Ukraine. The tools of economic security implementation that influence the formation of the economic strategy of Ukrainian enterprises, the main activity of which is e-commerce, are considered and analyzed. Measures for effective implementation of tools for determining the degree of security of e-commerce information system are proposed. Identifying new methods of economic security research will help increase economic stability and reduce the vulnerability of Ukrainian enterprises. The purpose of the paper is to determine the process of calculating the security of the e-commerce information system, and to determine the vulnerability of the system. The purpose of the security system as a whole is to identify and prevent dangers and threats, to ensure the security of e-commerce enterprises and to achieve business goals. Determining the degree of security of the e-commerce information system is conducted in two directions: analysis of existing types of technical means of storing and protecting information; and expert assessment of losses from threats. To effectively achieve the economic security of e-commerce, it is necessary to use a variety of techniques and the latest technologies to identify and prevent various sources of threats. This will make it possible to build a system of protection against the violation of the integrity of the economic system. Provide tools to reduce risks and external pressures on the business environment. It will allow to build an effective control system and attract additional control methods. The dynamics of e-commerce development and the degree of its integration into the economy encourage additional research in the direction of reducing risks and achieving economic security.

Keywords : economic security, e-commerce, security measure, activity of the enterprise


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