Management of competitiveness of the enterprise in the conditions of foreign economic activity

Issue: № 2/1, 2021


An urgent problem in the modern economy is the management of enterprise competitiveness. The solution to this problem is the main criterion for production efficiency, the effectiveness of the management system, as well as the need to maintain and improve the economic security of a business in conditions of financial and economic instability. Today, one of the most optimal and effective means of matching market conditions and internal opportunities for developing competitiveness is the formation and dissemination of innovations in the field of marketing. As practice shows, almost all business entities successfully developing on the market are obliged to the correct policy of market assessment (competitors, consumers, assortment and price) and marketing. Another important issue is the release of products or the provision of services that meet the modern requirements of scientific and technological progress. The development and analysis of a strategic concept should activate self-organization and business adaptation in an ever-changing market environment, provide new competitive advantages and increase the level of manageability and competitiveness of the enterprise. The importance of competitiveness for the development and even the existence of an enterprise determines the relevance of the topic of the paper. The purpose of the work is to study the essence of enterprise competitiveness and determine the ways of proper management for its further development. This paper discusses the concepts and essence of competitiveness and competitiveness management of an enterprise. Also, the levels of management and ways to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise in modern economic conditions are determined.

Keywords : competition, enterprise competitiveness, competitiveness management, competitiveness increase


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