Analysis of the tourist services market in Ukraine. Problems and prospects of development

Issue: № 5, 2020


Introduction. The tourism industry is a powerful socio-economic and political factor that determines the economic development and policy of many countries and regions of the world. The purpose of the paper is to determine the conceptual basis for the development of the tourist services market in Ukraine. The paper examines the authors’ approaches to defining the concept of «tourist services» and gives the author’s definition of this concept. Results. The analysis of the main indicators of the development of the tourist services market in Ukraine is carried out. During 2015-2019, there observed increase in domestic tourists who went abroad to 2.3 million people and growth in the number of foreigners who entered Ukraine in 0.1 million. Also the paper reveals the problems and prospects of domestic tourism market development. One of the important obstacles to the development of the tourism industry in Ukraine is technological underdevelopment – innovative tourist technologies which are widely used in developed countries are practically not used in Ukraine. One of the main directions of technological innovations in tourism is the use of virtual space to inform and promote their services to the market. Organizations that provide tourist services must realize the need to implement and use modern software and technical interactive information systems that will help expand the capabilities of tourist enterprises in Ukraine. Conclusion. In order to increase the representativeness of the Ukraine tourist image, the introduction of promising directions for the development of regional tourism, it is necessary to take into account those components of the tourist potential that have the necessary properties for the development, creation and successful use of a competitive tourist product on the regional and national tourist markets. An important step to optimize the tourism potential of Ukraine should be to eliminate the advertising vacuum, especially for foreign citizens, through the involvement of various advertising companies. Creating an effective advertising campaign, holding tenders for the restoration and promotion of cultural heritage sites in Ukraine will help to solve many problems related to the destruction of historical and cultural monuments, as well as to form and strengthen a positive image of the country.

Keywords : tourism, touristic sector, tourist services, tourist services market, tourists, innovations in the market of providing tourist services


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