Reporting on social responsibility of the enterprise

Issue: № 6, 2022


Introduction. The paper states that modern society needs reporting on socially responsible activities of the enterprise. There is a growing demand for social and environmental reporting information, which requires the preparation of new non-financial reporting forms for stakeholders. The purpose of the paper is to research of various forms and structure of non-financial reporting on social responsibility, which is preferred by Ukrainian enterprises. Materials. To achieve this goal, the non-financial reports for the period 2018-2020 of twelve Ukrainian companies that are publicly available on their websites (in particular, Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine Limited, Silpo-Food LLC, Fora LLC, Energo Zbut Trans LLC, OTP Bank Joint-Stock Company, Nova Poshta LLC, Ukrgasbank JSB, Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine Limited, JSC "First Ukrainian International Bank", Foxtrot Group of Companies, Auchan Ukraine Hypermarket LLC, Lifesell LLC). Methods of grouping, systematization and comparative analysis are used to study them. Results. The paper considers the practice of disclosing information about social responsibility of enterprises in Ukraine. Forms of reports containing information on key aspects of corporate social responsibility have been identified, and their structure and content have been analyzed. A number of factors have been identified that contribute to the spread of the practice of reporting on social responsibility by enterprises in Ukraine. Conclusions. To ensure transparency and respond to the demands of society, companies publish various non-financial reports, which provide information on various aspects of their social responsibility. The number of reporting enterprises is growing. Socially responsible companies disclose in their non-financial statements information that was previously considered internal, closed. Publicized reporting generally meets the needs of society, and accurate and complete presentation of information in reporting increases the credibility of the company of different groups, helps to attract additional investment, increase its capitalization and creates a basis for sustainable development.

Keywords : social responsibility, non-financial reporting, management report, social responsibility report, progress report


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