Nature and structure of organizational and economic mechanism of enterprise development strategy implementation

Issue: № 6, 2022


The paper examines in detail the organizational and economic mechanism as one of the most important components of the company's development strategy. Currently, there is no doubt that the effective development of enterprises in dynamic and adverse environmental conditions is determined by the extent to which managers have the tools and methods of strategic management. Given the tendency to intensify competition, the problem of building an organizational and economic mechanism for implementing the strategy of enterprise development becomes especially important. The paper analyzes the problems of building an organizational and economic mechanism within the developed strategy and shows its relevance, reveals such concepts as "organizational and economic mechanism", "organizational and economic mechanism of innovation development", considers their essence and structure. Today, the problem of strategic management is experiencing a real peak of its relevance. Behind the minds of the tendency to strengthen the competitive struggle, the problem of stimulating the organizational and economic mechanism for the implementation of the strategy for the development of business is of particular importance. Organizational and economic mechanism will be presented as a structure that is made up of elements that include different countries....From the point of view of innovative development, under the organizational and economic mechanism consider the system of strategic management of innovative development of the enterprise, which takes into account the organizational model of the industrial enterprise, business process economics and financial results of innovative development. The main purpose of the organizational and economic mechanism of innovative development is the transition of existing products to a qualitatively new state, which is determined by the achievement of the goal of innovative development.

Keywords : strategy, strategic development, organizational and economic mechanism, innovative development


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