Management of export activities of a manufacturing enterprise

Issue: № 6, 2022


Introduction. Export activity has always been and remains the degree of economic development of the enterprise and a component of prosperity of the state. Productivity was influenced by various factors. From their features, duration, risk depend on the final results, in particular: production and sales, cost, profitability, sustainability and profit. The purpose of the paper is to study the theoretical aspects of the export activities of Ukrainian enterprises. Results. Entering new markets is one of the priorities of many companies. In modern economic conditions, the number of foreign economic entities that enter into agreements with foreign organizations is constantly growing. For effective operation, the company must constantly improve its product, ensure that it meets international standards, etc. Timely strategy and organization of activities allows to achieve even higher financial performance. The first step in the path of export activity is to establish the purpose of the operation. The second stage is the analysis of the conditions of operation of partner companies. The third stage is the assessment of the external environment. The fourth stage is the choice of markets. The fifth stage is to find opportunities to enter the market. The sixth stage of the agreement on the sale of goods. The seventh stage of determining the price of goods and conditions of delivery.In addition to its strategy, effective export management is also influenced by the size of the firm, the complexity of products, and the specifics of the counterparty market. At modern manufacturing plants, export management is managed mainly through the "global" department, which belongs to the marketing and sales sector. Conclusion. Since foreign economic activity begins with the process of planning to enter a new market, it is from this time that it must be properly planned, organized and controlled for the greatest result. In modern conditions, activities in international markets require innovative approaches and consist not only of theoretical aspects, but also of practical skills.

Keywords : export, export activity, foreign market, manufacturing enterprise


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