Mathematical modeling of influence of stakeholder indicators on development of construction enterprises

Issue: № 12/2, 2021


It is established that at the present stage of economic transformations the approaches for the construction enterprises functioning as important economic entities that affect the development of other spheres and the state in general need to be reconsidered. It is determined that the actual issue is creating the quantitative basis for making reasonable management decisions based on economic and mathematical modeling of the impact of stakeholder indicators on the development of construction companies. The issues are solved: determination of stakeholder factors that influence on construction enterprises functioning; assessment of the integral indicator of the level of stakeholder relations of construction companies; determination of the indicator of development of construction enterprises; characteristics of economic and mathematical modeling directions of influence of stakeholder relations level on the indicator of development of construction enterprises; establishing the causal links between indicators of the level of stakeholder relations and the development of construction companies; development of measures for increasing the stakeholder relations effectiveness to ensure the development of construction companies.

Keywords : construction enterprises, stakeholders, development of construction enterprises, integral indicator, economic and mathematical modeling


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