Settlement of conflict of interest in the process of beneficial housing at the expense of budget funds as a guarantee of the constitutional law

Issue: № 6/3, 2021


The paper proves that the realization of the right to a dignified life can be effective only in the framework of legal activities, and the presence of special legal means, which are tools to ensure a dignified human existence, also plays an important role. The analysis revealed that each society has its own standards of understanding the right to a sufficient standard of living, the basis in this case should be the only generally accepted norms and standards, especially those enshrined in international legal instruments. Guarantees of constitutional law and housing and the right to an adequate standard of living are interrelated and represented by a system of political, economic, social conditions, legal means and mechanisms aimed at ensuring the proper exercise of these rights. The system of guarantees of the constitutional right to housing and a sufficient standard of living is represented by general and special (legal) guarantees. The purpose of preventing corruption due to conflict of interest is to form a unified approach of persons authorized to perform state or local government functions and persons equated to them, to understand and comply with the rules of prevention and settlement of conflicts of interest introduced by the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption”. Preferential provision of housing for citizens is carried out through certain mechanisms: providing citizens with affordable housing, provided by the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Development of the Construction Industry and Housing Construction”; state, regional and local housing programs for certain categories of the population; providing social housing to socially vulnerable groups of the population of Ukraine.

Keywords : the right to housing; conflict of interest; benefits; constitutional rights; guarantees of rights; budget; sufficient standard of living


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