Current trends in the implementation of innovative development as a concept of structural modernization of the machine-building industry of Ukraine

Issue: № 6/3, 2021


The paper considers current trends of innovative development as a concept of structural modernization of the machine-building industry of Ukraine. The impact of the pandemic coronavirus on industrial enterprises of the machine-building industry in the world and Ukraine is analyzed. The basic tendencies of development of trade in the investigated sector in the conditions of quarantine and measures of stimulation of business in machine-building branch are revealed. The analysis of the current state, problems and perspectives of innovative development of machine-building branch in Ukraine for the period of 2010–2020 is carried out in the paper. The available types of forms of modernization of machine-building industry in Ukraine are analyzed. It is found out that the state of their development is insufficient, which requires the elaboration of further strategies of activation of activity both at the national and regional level. Determined a set of factors that influence the formation of the ability to implement machine-building enterprises innovations. The main groups of identified factors include infrastructure and accessibility, development of society, as well as the production environment. Structural differentiation by the level of their costs for innovations in the industry was analyzed. It has been established that in Ukraine there is extremely low state financing in the aspect of innovations development. Own funds of the machine-building enterprises, with a share of 96 % is the main source of investment in innovation activity of the industry. It is determined that for this purpose, it is necessary to expand the vision and develop a strategic roadmap that would allow to promote innovation. The priority of expanding the tools of innovation policy is justified. The need to create a fundamentally new concept of innovative development, providing the use of a mixture of policies and encompass vertical and horizontal understanding of these processes has been proved. It has been established that the management of the new innovation policy of machine building industry in Ukraine should provide the use of multi-level, open and network structures.

Keywords : innovation policy, innovative development, current trends, machine-building industry of Ukraine


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