Modern problems of fixed capital management of the industrial enterprise

Issue: № 4, 2021


Introduction. Production activity is impossible without the presence of fixed capital and its basic element – fixed assets, in the operation of which the depreciation fund is formed and the targeted use of depreciation deductions and quality reproduction of fixed assets of the enterprise are positioned to the fore. The importance of this issue increases due to need to enter markets with competitive goods and services, which leads to innovative and active activities of industrial enterprises, which require, above all, significant investments into the fixed assets. The purpose of the paper is to highlight the essence and modern problems of fixed capital management of industrial enterprise. Results. The paper explores the essence of fixed capital management of industrial enterprise and identifies modern key issues in this area facing managers of domestic industrial enterprises. The role of strategic and tactical planning of the process of reproduction of fixed assets in the management of fixed capital of the industrial enterprise and the reasons for its renewal are highlighted. The requirements for the formation of strategy and management system of fixed capital of the industrial enterprise are presented. The stages of formation of the effective strategy of fixed capital management under conditions of the modern market and the basic directions of activity of the industrial enterprise in this sphere are offered. The necessity of implementing the rational depreciation policy and correct revaluation of fixed assets is shown. The importance of using leasing as effective tool for investment and renewal of fixed assets of domestic enterprises of the industrial sector of economy is considered. Conclusion. For the effective management of fixed capital, it is important for industrial enterprises to perform a number of tasks, which involve the development of long-term strategy and tactics for the formation and effective use of fixed assets; determination of fixed capital renewal needs; adequate assessment of the conditions of fixed assets, maintaining the proper conditions of machinery and equipment; implementation of rational depreciation policy; finding acceptable sources of funding for the restoration of fixed capital, as well as finding more efficient ways of using the investment resources. It should allow the industrial enterprise to produce products, which are in demand, and ensure stable competitive positions and high efficiency in the long run.

Keywords : fixed capital of enterprise, strategic and tactical planning, management strategy, depreciation policy, depreciation fund, investment, leasing


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