Economic and social indicators of solidarity pension insurance in Ukraine

Issue: № 4, 2021


Problems of pension provision, in particular, solidarity pension insurance, are under constant concern of scientists, the majority of the working population, pensioners, government officials and other stakeholders. The main issues of discussion are: social justice and insecurity, material security, financial imbalance and insolvency of the pension budget and others. The solution of these issues and the adoption of the appropriate decisions for further reform of the pension system should be based on a detailed assessment of various socio-economic factors. The aim of this work is to substantiate the problem of financial balance of the Pension Fund budget, generalize the impact of economic and social indicators on the level of solidarity pensions in Ukraine, and identify key aspects for solving urgent issues of reforming the national pension system. Ukrainian scientists have studied the following: the analysis of revenues and expenditures of the Pension Fund budget, the impact of certain factors on the development of pension insurance, foreign experience of pension provision and the possibility of its application in the pension system of Ukraine. The system of state pension insurance needs a deeper assessment, outlining the main directions of its further development and solving urgent issues in this area. The paper uses a systematic method to determine the role and place of pensions in social protection of the population; methods of synthesis, analysis, comparison to consider the demographic situation of the population, the number of retirees, the size of pensions, individual indicators of income; factor analysis in order to determine the influence of factors on the development of the solidarity pension system; graphical method for displaying the structure of budget revenues of the Pension Fund of Ukraine and its dynamics; hypothetical-deductive method for formulating conclusions and further prospects for the development of the national pension system. There were proposed the following main directions for solving the problems of solidarity pension insurance: joining the accumulative component to the existing solidarity pension system and their full functioning; reducing budget deficit of the Pension Fund due to the transfer of non-insurance functions of the solidarity system to the State budget; revision of the formula for calculating pensions and establishing closer relationship between insurance contributions and insurance payments; improving employment policy and investment policy in the pension assets management.

Keywords : Pension Fund, economic and social indicators of pension insurance, pension system, pension provision, compulsory state pension insurance, pension payments, pensions, income and expenses of the Pension Fund, financing of pension payments


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