Economic and legal support for the process of bankruptcy prevention and liquidation of business entities

Issue: № 2/1, 2021


Introduction. One of the most important indicators of the country's economic development is the level of growth in the number of financially insolvent, bankrupt and liquidated enterprises, because the interests of the state, business and the individual are in the zone of influence and attention. The purpose of the paper is to assess the legal changes in the legislation of Ukraine on the application of bankruptcy procedures and presents the economic justification and methodical implementation of a set of tools for timely detection of insolvency, their current and future assessment to prevent bankruptcy and liquidation of business entities. Results. The data of the State Statistics Service on the increase in the number of insolvent enterprises in 2020 are presented. The systematization of methods and tools for timely detection of insolvency in the context of legal innovations is proposed, thanks to the introduction of tools for testing, labeling, ranking. The testing program for early diagnosis of bankruptcy provides for the calculation of indicators to assess the structure of the balance sheet; opportunities to restore solvency and the ability to neutralize the threat of bankruptcy due to the internal potential of the enterprise. The system of markers and indicators is used to determine the creditworthiness of the enterprise and for self-analysis, when considering alternative sources of financing to avoid the threat of bankruptcy. Rating is used to definitively determine the level of financial stability or insolvency of the enterprise. Conclusion. This tools should be used at different stages: both at the pre-crisis stage, to prevent the possibility of financial deterioration, and at the crisis and post-crisis stages, to assess the effectiveness of the enterprise and the likelihood of early detection of bankruptcy.

Keywords : legal innovations, insolvency, rating assessment, markers and indicators, bankruptcy, sanitation, liquidation


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