Mechanism of implementation of innovative practices by enterprises under turbulence conditions

Issue: № 1/1, 2021


The purpose of the paper is to analyze ways to increase innovation and substantiate the methodological and practical aspects of creating an effective management system for innovation in the food industry. According to the results of the study, it was noted that the management system of innovative activities of food companies needs to be improved in accordance with modern conditions. The synthesis of levers, methods, legislation and information base should create an effective mechanism for managing the innovation activities of the food industry and help Ukrainian food producers to take a worthy place in the world market. The main materials used in the study were statistical data of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine and the Odesa Regional Department of Statistics; data of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the Department of Food Industry, laws and regulations on investment management; data of domestic and foreign periodicals. Methods used in statistical data processing – method of analysis and synthesis, media content – methods of comparison and grouping. In this context, the emphasis is on the problems and prospects of food enterprises, in particular on innovation processes (IP), which should ensure cost-effective use of innovations in the form of new technologies, products or services, organizational, technical and socio-economic solutions of production, financial, commercial, administrative or other nature. Thus, the problem of improving the management of innovation processes in domestic enterprises is of fundamental importance, its solution will facilitate the transition to the creation and use of higher technology, and thus accelerate economic growth of the national economy and build a modern innovation and investment model of society. This process involves qualitative transformations of government institutions, structural restructuring of the economy in various areas of management, the introduction of new approaches in the management of the food industry, which continues to be the dominant sector of the country.

Keywords : innovation processes, management system of innovation processes, index of intensity of innovation processes, cluster


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