Innovative potential of trade enterprises

Issue: № 5/3, 2020


Our trends, formed in the conditions of active development of the post-industrial economy, dictate the need to apply an innovative approach not only to the development of the manufacturing sector, but also to form the innovative potential of service enterprises, which include trade enterprises. This is due to growing competition, increasing the frequency of new technologies for consuming services, increasing consumer demand. Innovative trade enterprises gain competitive advantages for the ability to expand the geography of service, optimize the speed of order fulfillment, provide a new level of comfort in receiving services, increase the reliability of services provided, and therefore increase customer confidence. The result of the previous review was the production of the most common features of the innovative potential, which are the result of systematization and a previous determination of the criteria for evaluating the potential of innovation. In conclusion, we can say that the innovative potential of the enterprise - is primarily the ability of the enterprise to create, develop and implement innovations. Innovation potential consists of a set of individual elements, each of which affects the resulting trait. Innovative potential is a separate object of management in the structure of strategic management of the enterprise. When assessing the innovation potential, it is advisable to use the necessary and sufficient number of indicators, which recorded the cause of the investigative relationship between the indicator and the result of the enterprise, are differentiated into groups. Obviously, based on the logic of the concept of "innovative potential of a commercial enterprise", the introduction of innovations and updates in the process of economic activity at all stages (from purchase to sale of goods) is evidence of staff knowledge, commercialization of creative ideas and actual potential. Only under these conditions it is possible to form and realize the innovative potential of a commercial enterprise, as well as to satisfy the interests of the consumer.

Keywords : Innovation, innovative potential, innovation in trade, development, management


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