Factors of influence on the consulting services development

Issue: № 5/3, 2020

Doi: https://doi.org/10.37634/efp.2020.5(3).2

Introduction. At the present stage of development of the world economy, consulting services are an extremely important element of the market infrastructure of developed countries. The formation and development of the consulting market in Ukraine is caused by the processes of transformation of the economic system in the country. After analyzing current research in this area, it is clear that the work is mainly aimed at: analysis of consulting activities; study of practical and methodical world experience of counseling etc. However, these studies are not aimed at studying the factors influencing the effectiveness of consulting services The purpose of this paper is to form the main factors influencing the effectiveness of consulting services. Results. Consulting services involve providing clients with sound information on issues relevant to them on a variety of objects. The current stage of development of Ukrainian consulting is transitional, and further prospects for the formation of the industry will depend entirely on the process of stabilizing market relations in Ukraine. The development of consulting in Ukraine is necessary to reduce the dependence of the Ukrainian economy on foreign experts. The main problem of consulting in Ukraine is the low demand for consulting services. Prerequisites for the success of consulting services are: the formation of theoretical and methodological support of consulting; conducting analytical and marketing research; training and development of consultants; customer relationship management. You can identify the main factors influencing the effectiveness of consulting services: availability of qualified consultants; organizational and communicative mechanisms of effective interaction with clients etc. Indicators of success and efficiency can be: profitability of consulting companies, income; customer satisfaction; quantitative and qualitative parameters of the client base; time of existence on the market of consulting services. Conclusion. Thus, based on the study, it can be determined that the current stage of development of consulting services in Ukraine is transitional. Factors such as: the economic situation in the country have a strong influence on the efficiency of consulting services; competition; solvency of consumers of consulting services. Medium impact - professionalism of consultants; Weak – business globalization; the level of development of the consulting services market.

Keywords : consulting services, factors of influence, efficiency, development, consulting services market


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