Risk management of the agricultural enterprise in the conditions of supervision of external markets

Issue: № 5/3, 2020

Doi: https://doi.org/10.37634/efp.2020.5(3).1

Introduction. The agro-industrial complex consists of a complex system, using the power of all the main features of the system: the complexity of work, the complexity of efficient resources. The state of the agro-industrial complex is an important indicator of a sustainable national economy whenever needed as a whole. Given the economic and political instability of recent years, risk management of agricultural enterprises is becoming one of the most pressing issues. The purpose of this paper is to identify and study the main risks that manifest themselves in agriculture in the acquisition of foreign markets, to determine the characteristics of the manifestation of risk in the activities of agricultural enterprises in modern economic conditions. Result. Risks are possible adverse events that may occur and as a result of which there may be losses, property losses of participants in foreign economic activity. Entering a foreign market is always an introduction to competition. The main risks of an agricultural enterprise in mastering the foreign market: weather conditions; unsatisfactory production resources and products; undesirable changes in the quality and quantity of factors of production, reducing the quality of seed, fertilizers. Unpredictability of natural and climatic conditions and changes in harvest volumes, fluctuations in prices in domestic and foreign markets are the main factors influencing changes in incomes of agricultural producers. Conclusion. Risk is the probability of deviation of the real value of the studied process, phenomenon, event from the planned one, which leads to diversity in the decision-making process to improve the efficiency of agricultural production. It is necessary to develop a methodology for determining the nature of the risk in relation to agricultural production and highlight the main features of its manifestation in agriculture.

Keywords : risk, risks of agrarian sector, risk-management, agriculture, external and internal risk factors, reinzhiniring, innovations


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