The use of innovations during the crime scene investigation

Issue: № 5, 2020


Introduction. Criminalistics is a science that aims to satisfy the needs of the practice and not only the investigator, but also the prosecutor's, lawyer's and expert's. And this is especially true of the current stage of society, where it faces many challenges and modern technologies are rapidly evolving. This puts forensics with complex and varied tasks, both related to the provision of practice and the training of relevant professionals. The issue of introduction of innovations into the practice of investigation of criminal offenses was of great relevance. An important aspect of the introduction of the latest technologies and innovations in the process of investigation of criminal offenses is their use during investigative actions, in particular, the crime scene investigation. However, the coverage of some aspects of the use of innovation during the crime scene investigation remains relevant and needs to be addressed. The purpose of the paper is to look at specific issues related to the use of innovation during the crime scene investigation. Results. The paper deals with the use of innovation in the investigation process, in particular in such investigative action as the crime scene investigation. Some aspects, as well as the current state of the use of technical and forensic tools during this investigative action, are investigated. Ways to improve and improve the performance of the review by using innovation during its conduct are analyzed. Specific issues related to the use of innovation during the crime scene investigation are addressed. Innovation in this investigative action is an urgent need of time, especially since technologies have reached a high level and allow them to perform various tasks quickly and effectively. Conclusion. Criminalistics should evolve dynamically both as a science and as a discipline. She must respond to the practice's requests in a timely manner. And this, accordingly, requires a high level of training of both future practitioners and scientists who will later become at the forefront of forensics. The latest technologies and innovations should be actively introduced by criminalistics into the practice of criminal investigation.

Keywords : investigation, investigative action, crime scene investigation, innovations, technical and forensic means


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