Innovative management of projects for electric mobility development: foreign experience and Ukraine

Issue: № 5, 2020


The research considers various aspects of electric vehicle production in some leading foreign countries. Dynamics of specific weight of electric vehicles in total transport and its forecast indices are under analysis considering those of the countries planning complete transition to electric mobility. Urgency of building an expanded network of charging stations of various capacity is pointed out. It is revealed that Volkswagen, the world largest automobile concern, is going to introduce much more new designs of electric vehicles than it considered before – 70 instead of 50 by 2028. It is planned to produce more electric vehicles – from 15 to 22mln in the decade to follow. Besides, the share of electric vehicles in the concern’s total production is to exceed 40% by 2030. It is indicated that 44bln euros will be invested into designing new VW automobiles in the nearest 5 years. It is significant that in many foreign countries there are subsidies and tax reduction for electric vehicle owners which are used as an important tool of the state’ incentives. Besides, special attention is paid to improvement and development of production of batteries for electric cars, especially in the EU countries. The authors suggest schemes of elaborating electric mobile innovations and power supply for electric mobility providing green and economic solutions for generating power for electric cars by wind generators. Potential production of Ukrainian electric cars is under analysis. It is highlighted that electric vehicle production allows combining two economically beneficial factors – innovative character of a product and its large-scale production. In this case, there will be a novelty effect and huge unsatisfied demand as well as scale saving.

Keywords : innovation, management, electric cars, concern, development, production, economic factors, incentive instrument, mass production, foreign countries, forecast indicators, products, energy, investments


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