Requirements to methodology of systematic economic analysis and evaluation of manufacturing and economic activities of technical enterprises, scientific-industrial associations

Issue: №11, 2019


It is proved that the qualitative changes occurring in our national economic system urgently require a more modern approach to the methodological support of the subsystem (function) of analytical processing of technical and economic information data (systematic economic analysis and evaluation) and to the criteria of evaluation of economic (economic) production efficiency-economic activity of industrial enterprises and scientific-industrial associations of the state. In the methodological support, special attention should be paid to the main aspects of the development of the production process, which in modern conditions are especially important for improving its economic efficiency (productivity). It is substantiated that the most important from the practical point of view of management issues should be concentrated in the process of improving the subsystem (function) of planning and enhancing the impact of the production and economic mechanism on improving the economic efficiency of the production process and quality of work and the widespread use of new methods of management and increase their influence, to accelerate scientific and technological progress. It is argued that, at the present stage, the first place is not just studying the performance of indicators and criteria for assessing the optimality (quality) provided by the plans, as was the case in the recent past, but the study of scientific validity and intensity of planned tasks, the study of the dynamics of economic (economic) growth efficiency of the industrial production process as a result of accelerated implementation of scientific and technological progress, improvement of quality characteristics and technical parameters of the finished product This means that the full utilization of all in-house reserves and the potential to intensify the development of modern industrial production.

Keywords : association, company, holistic economic analysis and assessment, methodological support, production activities,relevant requirement and subsystem


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