Modeling the external factors influence on financial balance of chemical enterprises of Ukraine

Issue: №11, 2019


Introduction. The relevance of this study is due to the search for tools to ensure the sustainable development of Ukrainian economy real sector. A possible way of forming stable institutional prerequisites for building an strong economy with the prospect of its conversion to social equilibrium state is balancing finance of industrial enterprises. Chemical industry is one of the priority areas of Ukraine’s economy. The purpose of the article is a modeling of chemical industry enterprises financial equilibrium taking into account external factors’ influence. The main research methods are dialectics, deduction and induction, mathematical gnostic analysis, trend analysis. Results. The financial equilibrium stability index of chemical industry enterprises is proposed in this article. It characterizes the stability of chemical industry enterprises financial equilibrium to external factors’ influence. They are inflation, devaluation, innovation, chemical production, its export-import balance, credit rate and bank system capitalization. Based on the use of mathematical gnostic analysis, an economic and mathematical model was created to predict the stability index of chemical industry enterprises financial equilibrium taking into account the influence of monetary, production and market factors. Forecast of balancing of corporate finance in the chemical industry under external factors’ influence is made. The state of stable negative financial equilibrium of Ukrainian chemical industry is revealed. Conclusion. Suggestions for overcoming financial imbalances at chemical industry enterprises are formed. There are: enterprise debt inventory, revision of gas price, production innovations. The findings complement the scientific foundations of sustainable development in Ukraine and can be applied by the financial management of chemical industry enterprises for their stabilization.

Keywords : financial equilibrium, stability index, economic-mathematical model, chemical industry, enterprises


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