Problems of qualitative evaluation of commercial bank loan

Issue: № 1/2, 2020


The article defines the nature of the loan portfolio, as well as the problems in the assessment and analysis of the commercial bank loan portfolio. In order to improve the existing credit portfolio of the bank, the dynamics, categories of the borrower ratio and the quality of the loan portfolio are analyzed, based on the obtained data, significant factors influencing the formation and management of the analyzed bank's loan portfolio are determined. Generation of a loan portfolio is usually subject to issuance of loans with maximum yield on the same terms. The profitability of a loan transaction is determined by the amount of the interest rate on the specific loan, the duration of the loan and the accepted system of calculation of interest payments. Practice shows that the success of managing the efficiency of banking investments and the formation of an effective structure of the bank's credit portfolio depend to a large extent on the skills of managing the banking institutions that carry out optimal formation, management of the credit portfolio and good management to ensure the efficiency of activities with the least possible risk and maximize results. The quality of the loan portfolio is analyzed using the coefficient method based on the calculation and analysis of trends in the development of relevant quantitative indicators. In the economic literature, the indicators that we can use to assess the quality of a bank's loan portfolio are divided into two groups: the credit portfolio risk index and the profitability of the credit business. The results of the analysis allow us to draw conclusions about the level of risk and profitability of the bank's loan portfolio and to develop measures to improve the effectiveness of the bank's credit policy. Based on the analysis of the structure and quality of the loan portfolio, the Bank's management is given an opinion to consider in order to determine the priority instructions for the placement of credit resources, limit the concentration and diversification of the loan portfolio and set limits on the execution of individual loans. It is concluded that prudent credit policy with an increase in rates, constant monitoring of the components of the credit portfolio, urgent management measures of banking institutions in the field of risk management should lead to an increase in lending and improve the quality of the portfolio management system. It is noted that the implementation of mainly quality measures to improve the structure of the loan portfolio will inevitably affect the financial stability of the bank and business efficiency, as well as increase its competitiveness and operational security.

Keywords : сredit portfolio, commercial banks, credit risk, standards, areas of analysis of the loan portfolio


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