Current methods of the enterprise’s creditability assessment

Issue: №12/1, 2019


The article is devoted to the interpretation, analysis and systematization of the methods of credit assessment of enterprises. Taking into account the current state of the economy of Ukraine, as well as the financial state of most domestic enterprises, a considerable number of non-performing loans, Ukrainian banks are trying to develop, refine and improve the process of lending to customers. The number of non-performing loans in banks' portfolios indicates that banks do not cooperate with enterprises. Today, the issue of loan repayment is very painful: unstable economic situation, declining corporate incomes, devaluation of the national currency are among the main reasons for the large number of non-performing loans. In today's context, loans cannot be provided solely on the basis of trust, the lender must have other guarantees of repayment of own funds. Therefore, any financial institution examines the borrower for creditworthiness (evaluates its ability to repay debt on time). During the writing of the article, the authors noted that the problem is the determination of quantitative standards for comparison in the analysis, because there is no single clear value of the indicators. That is why it is impossible to single out the indicator, which is due to industry affiliation, and the standards given in the economic literature, the desired values of financial ratios, do not contain industry specifics and the specifics of the enterprise. The research problem is determined by the fact that there is no unified regulatory framework for a real assessment of the financial condition of the borrowing enterprise, and accordingly, there are no comparative indicators that are minimally acceptable for a particular industry in question.

Keywords : creditworthiness, credit risk, debtor, financial and credit institution, estimation, qualitative indicators of creditworthiness, principles of credit risk assessment


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