Strategic approaches to business diversification

Issue: №12/1, 2019


Introduction. Question of scientific ground of i creation of original, adapted to the home terms of menage, control system by strategies of diversification of activity taking into account the state of i tendencies of роз to the coil of market environment, and also strategic potential of enterprise remain decided not enough. Purpose. An aim of the article is an analysis and improvement of theoretical-methodic principles of forming and management of diversification of activity of enterprises strategies in the conditions of unstable market environment. Results. Reasonably modern approaches and practical recommendations aimed at determining the essence of the strategy of diversification of activity of the enterprise. The aspects of market development and possible ways of its diversification were identified in the article. Considered the definition of diversification proposed by various authors and identified the main reasons for making decisions about diversification of activity of the enterprise. Conclusion. The effective management of diversification of activity of enterprises strategies it follows to carry out on the basis of the worked out theoretic-metodic approach which provides the reasonable electing, after certain procedures, with application of elements of strategies, what adequate to the external terms and strategic potential of enterprise.

Keywords : diversification, strategic direction diversification policy, diversification strategy, competition, competition environment


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