Characteristics of the investment potential of the enterprise and its sources

Issue: №12/1, 2019


The article reflects the problems of the Ukrainian economy, which are associated with a low level of investment activity and focuses on the effectiveness of attracting investment resources in the processes associated with the reproduction of investment potential, as a component of the overall potential of economic entities. It has been determined that investments are precisely that source for business entities that allow them to constantly support the vital activities of their business, and a shortage of investment resources can lead to a crisis. The contribution of world science to the study of issues related to investment attractiveness, the development of a theory of the formation of the methodological foundations for assessing and managing investment potential is reflected, and the existence of a scientific gap with respect to a single approach to the designated components is diagnosed. Based on the analysis of various points of view of domestic and foreign researchers regarding the disclosure of the essence of investment potential, various approaches to its determination are considered, their assessment and the formulation of their own views on this category are presented. It is proposed to study investment potential on the basis of resource, probabilistic and effective approaches, as fundamental. A close relationship between the elements of economic potential, and providing the effect of synergy, is revealed. The main features of the sources of formation of investment potential are considered. Based on the characteristics of the investment potential, the legislative base and the views of scientists and economists, a classification of the sources of its formation has been proposed, which includes labor, financial, economic, innovative, production, managerial and information resources. It has been proved that the resource component of the investment potential is its sources, which in turn are also directly related to the general economic potential of the enterprise, forming a unified system of functioning with it.

Keywords : enterprise, problems, investment, potential, approaches, sources, estimation


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