Financial stability management as a determinant of competitive development of agrarian formations

Issue: №12/1, 2019


The article investigates financial stability as a qualitative characteristic of functioning of agricultural enterprises in modern conditions, the analysis of indicators of financial stability of the enterprise and determination of its type, as well as the effectiveness of forecasting the financial stability of agricultural enterprises. A number of measures is proposed, which is to reduce the cost of production (cost-saving strategy), which will allow agribusinesses to increase competitiveness in the market due to the introduction of new technology, technologies, more rational the use of both material and labor resources, reducing the proportion of fixed costs in the cost of production, in proportion to the increase in profits and competitive development of agricultural enterprises. The basic condition for ensuring the financial stability of the company is the formation of sufficient amounts of funds that enable them to fully fulfill their obligations to the budget, pay employees, creditors, suppliers.

Keywords : competition, competitiveness, financial stability, liquidity, solvency, agricultural formation, financial analysis, financial management


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