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Monthly information-analytical magazine "Ekonomics. Finanse. Law" published since 1994. 

Included in the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine, which can be published results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate:

- economic sciences: Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of 21 December 2015 №1328 "On approval of resolutions about A Certifying Board of the Ministry of the specialized scientific council of 15 December 2015".

- legal sciences: Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on July 11, 2016 № 820 "On approval of the Ministry of Certifying decisions regarding the activities of academic councils of 1 July 2016".

- accounting and audit: Order of Audit Chamber of Ukraine on 21 December 2017 № 353/10.



The registration certificate series КВ № 21620-11520 ПР of 12 October 2015

Magazine awarded the international identification number ISSN 2409-1944 and included in the international Scientometrics base Index Copernicus. Page Magazine Online Index Copernicus:



Founders: Audit firm "Analitik" in cooperation with the Academy of Municipal Administration and the National Academy of Internal Affairs.
Articles must undergo screening and review. Full or partial reprint is permitted only with the consent of the publisher.